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Divers. Specialised. Connected.

Because each project has its own special requirements, we put the right team in place for each new task. In doing so, we draw on a network of national and  international specialists with whom we have been working successfully for a long time. Our core team advises you personally and ensures creative results  and efficient processes.

CEO & founder

Daniel Mateyka

Global strategist, production professional and detail lover


Jörg Hoppenstedt

Creative consultant, networker and mediator


Melanie Piorek

Creative head, visionary mind and design enthousiast


Stephan Braungardt

Precise planner, optimiser and solution finder.

Freelance Web developer

Daniel Göhr

As a web developer, Daniel Göhr is proficient in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MYSQL and specialises in WordPress.

Freelance copywriter

Nadia Al-Mardini

The Texterschmiede graduate has been in the advertising world since 2001 and works for clients such as Apple, ZWILLING and Bumble. And with us.

Freelance copywriter

Martin Krapp

Copywriter Martin Krapp brings with him the experience of the major German creative agencies.

Freelance account director

Christina Kloss

The experienced consultant even manages large projects with a steady hand and the necessary prudence.

Freelance Motion Graphic Designer

Dave Godall

Dave loves geometric shapes that move to a beat. He is our moving content specialist.

Freelance Creative Director

Lavinia Mirabella-Greco

The designer creates brand and product worlds in which your target groups feel at home.

Freelance Art Director

Tobias Biedermann

The experienced art director designs campaign looks and creates various advertising materials.

Freelance copywriter

Ian-Scott Paterson

The native English speaker is our specialist for crisp messages that transcend language barriers.

Freelance copywriter

Stephan Deisenhofer

The experienced copywriter covers a wide range of industries and has already managed many architectural projects.

Freelance Copywriter

Ramona Schulze

Ramona is an expert in text & concept: classic, social media or editorial.

Freelance UX Designer

Marius Wies

Marius specialises in digital product development with a focus on user experience and user interfaces.


Renata Britvec

The freelance editor Renata Britvec is our last resort to ensure that our texts are one hundred per cent correct and have the right content.

Freelance Content Creator

Sara Khosrawi

Sara produces content for digital channels and platforms. As a DOP and editor, she combines visual production know-how.


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