Start-up. Engineers. Olympians.

Developed by German Olympians and engineers: the rowing ergometer from Augletics. It puts the competition in the shade because the resistance feels real from the first pull. A virtual coach helps improve the movement run and with VR you can row on the Spree, Elbe and the Thames.

Sophisticated. Informative. Activating.

The only thing missing for the product launch was a strong brand identity that meets the premium claim and the lifestyle of the rowing community. The hashtag #ziehdurch stands for this feeling. The sales brochure primarily addresses gym operators and shows the advantages of the rowing ergometer compared to the competition in an understandable way.

  • Positioning

  • Corporate identity

  • Visual language

  • Photo shoot

  • Web design

  • Sales brochure

  • Social media kit

Agency: Borker Hoppenstedt
Photography: Marco Grundt

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